Why do some people’s injuries heal rather quickly and others just don’t go away? The reason may be that your body is in a chronic state of inflammation due to an imbalance in your body. Your body has some of its own natural anti-inflammatories and inflammatory compounds, but when they are out of balance, this creates problems. Many imbalances are due to diet.

Dietarily, imbalances in the inflammatory compounds are most commonly caused by eating the wrong kind of fats. Perhaps you are lacking in omega-3 oils, or lacking in a particular cofactor such as vitamic C, vitamin B6, magnesium or selenium. It is important to keep hydrogenated oils out of your diet, as they are very harmful, especially where inflammation is concerned. You also may benefit from anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, ginger, boswellia serrate, or Devil’s Claw. Rather than supplement with low levels of all the herbs, Dr. Stangl uses Applied Kinesiology to determine which supplement your body specifically needs.

The reason why inflammation causes pain is because your body is alerting you to an imbalance within. If anti-inflammatories relieve the pain you are feeling, then you can be sure that an imbalance is present. However, taking the drugs is like pulling the wires off your fire alarm. You are covering up the problem. By addressing the imbalances nutritionally, we can fix the underlying problem causing you pain. The natural substances not only control underlying inflammation and pain, but prevent issues such as atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, etc. that are linked to high levels of inflammation.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and several others can be related to health problems such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, mood disorders, memory problems, etc. The presence of metals may be detected through tests in the crome, hair, red blood cells, stool, and through Applied Kinesiology techniques. If you are found to have high levels of a particular metal, we can use different substances to pull the metals out of your tissues. These metals are stored deep in your tissues and may cause strange symptoms. We find it very important to make sure that your kidneys and liver are working properly to detoxify metals. Applied Kinesiology can be useful in telling us which natural substance will be best for you to pull out a particular metal.

Gastro-intestinal Health

Many physicians believe ill health often begins with an unhealthy digestive system, and to return to robust health, this is one of the first areas that must be addressed.

Many people are plagued by gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hiatal hernias, GERD, etc. Many of these conditions respond well to natural therapies. We use the 4R approach:

Remove: Reduce the the level of undesirable organisms in the bowel. This is done by testing to determine which natural substance (usually an herb) the microorganism is sensitive to. We check about 15 different substances, as one size does not fit all.

Replace: Restore the enzymes your body may be lacking to digest your food. As we age and ingest more and more processed food, we use up our enzymes because our food (especially cooked food) is depleted of enzymes. We check about 15 different types of enzymes to determine what you as an individual require. “You are what you eat” can be taken a step further: “You are what you eat, digest and assimilate.”

Reinoculate: Restore normal levels of healthy microorganisms to your bowel. We will test several probiotics, prebiotics (food for the microorganisms), and lacto-fermented foods (foods that were fermented for preservation, but help to reinoculate the bowel and protect it from harmful microorganisms.)

Repair: Restore the lining of the digestive tract. Often a damaged digestive tract becomes overly permeable; this is what is known as leaky gut syndrome. If this is the case, you may absorb larger molecules than you should, including microorganisms and poorly digested food. These molecules float around the blood stream and may be connected to food allergies, arthritis and auto-immune disorders.